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Visual weather for Pilots. Provides a map centered upon your location with the airports marked on the map. The weather for each of the reporting airports is displayed visually in colors red, yellow and green. The colors are based upon ceiling and visibility.

Moving Map Apps from Butterfly Aviation

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Various Moving Map Pilot Apps designed for both the iPhone and iPad. Apps are created by Butterfly Aviation Ltd and are in the German Language.

Apps include –

  • iGlide Pro, Advanced and Lite.
  • iPilot Map, Basic and Advanced.

GroundSchool Canada PSTAR Written Exam

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Ace your Transport Canada (TC) PSTAR pre-solo written test and Private Pilot and/or Recreational Pilot theory exams!

This GroundSchool – Canada Pilot PSTAR/Private Pilot/Recreational pilot app is a comprehensive learning tool to help you learn the material that you will be asked on the actual exam papers. The questions are very similar to those that you will see on your Private Pilot and/or Recreational Pilot exams, and EXACTLY like those as you will likely see on the PSTAR.…


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Pilots worldwide have chosen Climb! for its speed of operation, simplicity of design, and ease of data entry. No matter what you’re flying, Climb! has the tools to make quick work of data entry and update.

When combined with Climb! Companion (available separately on the App Store), you can use your iPhone or other iOS device as a mobile data collection tool and wirelessly transfer your data back to Climb!.…

Pilot eLog

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Pilot eLog is a robust, feature-rich, cross-platform electronic logbook for private pilots. It is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive by keeping the familiar look and feel of paper logbooks that pilots are use to using.

The main logbook screen is uncluttered and provides a wealth of information without having to drill through other screens or menus.…