NOTAMs Decoder

January 10th, 2010 No comments

NOTAMs is a convenient reference guide for pilots, using this iPhone app provides quick access to “Notice to Airmen” aviation and weather contractions including the standard aviation weather products, such as METAR/TAF, area forecasts, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, etc.

NOTAMs is a useful tool for pilots, student pilots, and aviation buffs that wish to have this quick reference available to them.…


January 10th, 2010 1 comment

Wind-Aid is an aviation tool used to calculate the crosswind and headwind when the runway, wind direction and wind speed are known.

Wind-Aid takes advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s unique touch features to provide the user with a fast, simple and intuitive user experience.

Users input the runway by turning a dial, the wind direction is set by turning an arrow and wind speed is set by dragging a slider to the appropriate value.…

Holding Pattern Calculator

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The Holding Pattern Calculator is a tool that assists pilots in determining both the correct holding pattern and entry method (Direct, Parallel or Teardrop) for an ATC assigned holding clearance.

To use, simply touch the screen and rotate to set the holding pattern to the desired ATC assigned inbound leg. To aid in ease of use both the track of the inbound and outbound legs are depicted.…

Plane Finder

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Want to know what planes are flying overhead?

Wonder where they are going?

Want to see your friends and family in the air?

Or maybe you are just interested in aviation, planes, flights or air traffic control.

Plane Finder is a great app that provides virtually real time information on planes across the South of England.…

Aircraft PhotoRealistic Instruments

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Simulated photo realistic aircraft instruments using information retrieved from the internal compass (3Gs) and internal accelerometers.

1. Aircraft Heading, Altimeter, Airspeed, Horizon sold seperately –