E6B Pilot

June 8th, 2010 No comments

E6b Pilot – the e6b calculator for iPhone with 5 primary and 23 supporting utilities to assist the private or professional pilot in flight planning.

Also included is a timer with alarms and a live weather info facility. (TAF and METAR from ICAO coded airfields)

A single leg flight plan may also be constructed and displayed on the main page using results from the following primary functions:

* Course (Track) and Distance
* Heading and Ground speed
* Fuel – Time
* Weight and Balance
* Costing

The E6b sub-menu sections are:
Flight Planning
* (as listed above)

Wind Triangles
* Course (Track) and Ground Speed
* Unknown Wind
* Crosswind and Headwind Components

Altitude and Airspeed Calculations
* Pressure and Density Altitude
* True Altitude
* True Airspeed, Rectified Airspeed and Mach Number

Vertical Navigation
* Rate of Climb
* Top of Climb
* Rate of Descent
* Top of Descent

* Volume
* Weight
* Distance
* Temperature
* Pressure
* Airspeed
* Volume to Weight

* Holding Patterns
* Critical Point
* Point of No Return
* Sunrise, Sunset


June 5th, 2010 1 comment

Pre-Flight is a multi-leg flight planning app for the iPhone. It allows you to do most of the work that would normally require a ruler, maps, protractor and E6B calculator. What is more: Pre-flight provides you with a world wide forecast for wind aloft which is automatically used to calculate the wind correction angle for each leg of your flight and to suggest the most economic cruise altitude.…

i-FLYTE Time and Checks

May 11th, 2010 No comments

i-FLYTE TC is a semi-automatic aircraft checklist combined with a automatic and GPS driven Flight log. Additional functions are a Flight Information page and an interface to AIR NAVIGATION Pro/Standard, a complete navigation app for pilot.

i-FLYTE TC has the follwing features:

I. Checklist module

Create, edit and use checklists for several aircraft
6 ready templates (and more coming) for the most common airplane categories
Personalize aircraft you fly with tail number, photo and notes
Create, modify and exchange checklists with other pilots
Call up next or previous checklist with one tap
Hands free and automatic activation of After take-off, cruise and before landing checklist
Emergency Checklists (2 taps to every emergency scenario from other pages)
Preflight checklist for walkaround can be deactivated
Checklists can be used with or without checkmarks


WingX -Moving Map, Charts & Weather

May 5th, 2010 No comments

WingX is a leading GPS-Enabled Terrain-Aware Moving Map for iPhone. Features include approach charts for the entire US, animated RADAR, A/FD and AOPA Directory, color-coded METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, route planning, TFRs with graphics, Airport Status, FARs and more. WingX is fast and easy to use.

Moving Map
GPS-Enabled Moving Map with Terrain Awareness
● Displays terrain for Contiguous USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas
● Displays Class B, C, and D Airspaces
● Displays Special Use Airspace; e.g.…

Aviation Jokes

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The greatest compilation of Aviation Jokes around. With the Aviation Jokes app you can quickly become the life of your next party!

Here is how it works:
Step 1: Download the Aviation Jokes Application.
Step 2: Bring your iTouch/iPhone to your next function.
Step 3: Randomly yell jokes to anyone who will listen!
Step 4: Instantly become the coolest person in the room.…