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VIRFuel is a fuel and weight calculation application designed for Boeing 747 / Airbus A340 pilots and operators using the Flywise flight plan.

The application is in metric tonnes and conforms to SOPs used for Virgin Atlantic operations.

Fuel and weight data is inserted from the front page of the flight plan (the ‘plan figures’) and can then be updated with desired loads and actual figures from the final ZFW/loadsheet.…


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This App shows in which VOLMET frequencies you may find an airport’s weather report and the operating hours of the frequency.

Just enter airport name or ICAO airport code and get all the VOLMET frequencies broadcasting weather reports for this airport. All airports are listed in broadcast order.

Two versions are available – One is free but confines the available information to the EU or this worldwide version available at a small cost.…

Lido/iRouteManual from Lufthansa Systems

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For the first time any pilot and flight enthusiast can get professional aeronautical charts from Lufthansa Systems – for 40 major airports worldwide, including updates. Lido/iRouteManual is a specifically designed aviation app for the iPad.

Lido/iRouteManual was designed with the following users in mind:

– Airline pilots who use the Lido/RouteManual charts from Lufthansa Systems and would like (preflight) briefing convenience via their iPad aviation app.…


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This is probably the best idea we have seen for an aviation app.  AirspaceAVOID provides protection for pilots against an airspace infringement.  It uses GPS data to plot your position, altitude, speed and heading, and it knows where all the controlled, prohibited and restricted airspace is located in your vicinity.

If you get within 2 minutes of restricted zones, AirspaceAVOID will alert you by sight and sound, giving you the opportunity to change track and avoid that embarrassing radio call no pilot wants to hear.…

US Planes of WW2 – Osprey Aviation Collection

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This App presents the Osprey plane profiles of the fighters and bombers flown by the United States in World War 2, including the iconic Mustang, Lightning, and Thunderbolt aircraft.

Fantastically detailed, historically accurate and superbly recreated in high resolution, these profiles build into a comprehensive collection of aircraft types, profiles and markings, essential for the aviation enthusiast.…