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AirWX Aviation Weather Menulet for Mac OSX

May 14th, 2011
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AirWX for Mac OS X - ScreenshotAirWX Aviation Weather Menulet is the latest aviation App for Apple Macbooks and iMacs from the Mac App Store.

First off any user of the excellent AeroWeather for the iPhone or iPad will take to this app like a duck to water.  It brings as many METARs that you may require directly to your Mac’s menu bar.  It will cycle through all of your selected METARs at a speed of your choice.  It will also automatically fetch the latest METARs at user selected intervals.

It shows the conditions of the current METAR in a condensed format basically providing the Airport Code, whether VMC or IMC conditions prevail and finally a Wind Speed.

If you click on the Menulet the full list of METARs, again shown in the above condensed format, is shown in a drop down menu. As you move the mouse pointer down the list the full raw METAR is displayed.

We really like this app, no longer do you have to log on to your favourite WX site and re-inputting all the airport codes that you want the weather for. The only thing stopping us from giving a 5/5 score is the lack of TAFs in this version, but its fully worthy of 4.5/5!
AirWX Aviation Weather Menulet - Felix Khazin