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Logten Pro for Mac

June 30th, 2011
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Maintaining a Pilot Logbook is a complete pain in the ***. When I was learning to fly, the first thing that would do upon returning from a flight would be to diligently update my logbook.  I would then add up my hours to see how close I was to the next licence milestone.

Fast forward a few years to earlier on this year and I was wondering where that initial enthusiasm had disappeared to. So I decided to discard my paper logbook that I detested filling in so much and paid the $100 or so, to coradine for their shiny new electronic logbook.

Now I have to admit something here, my logbook was err, ahem… a little bit out of date! Luckily what I had been doing was saving electronic copies of my roster to my computer.  This allowed me to use what is for me the best feature of this program.  The ability to import your roster in to the logbook. Depending on the layout and content of your airlines roster it will import, the date, schedule times, departure and arrival destinations.  So all I need to fill in is the actual times, crew and aircraft reg.  Easy and quick!  The feature supports well over 100 airline rosters with more being added all the time.

Other features include:-

•Sync effortlessly between iPad and iPhone versions

• Easily import existing data and customize to your needs

• Automatically track currency and duty limits, as well as filter using powerful Smart Groups

• Automatic processing of airline schedules

• Track certificates, ratings, endorsements, medicals, and flight reviews

• Print stunning reports and official logbooks for over 37 countries out of the box, or create your own!

• Automatic night time calculation

• Export flights and trips right to your calendar

On top of all this, Coradine has quite simply stunning customer service, I recommended this logbook to a colleague who then struggled to import existing flights from his former electronic logbook.  He used their comprehensive website to try and solve the issue but was still struggling so he contacted them.  Within just a matter of a couple of days they had gone as far as taking a copy of the old logbook, doing something complicated, and returned a fresh copy of Logten fully populated with all previous flights.

If you fly for an airline, or even if you don’t, you’re going to love this logbook.  I cannot think of any reason why I shouldn’t give it a full 5 out of 5.  So I will.  5/5

LogTen Pro - Coradine Aviation Systems

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