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May 4th, 2011
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Spin-A-Wind screenshotThis app is a wind component calculator designed by an airline pilot available in both iPhone and iPad Versions.

The user interface is simple with 3 selectors for Runway, wind direction and wind velocity.  Upon changing any of these parameters the wind components, which are displayed in easy to read formats, are quickly updated automatically.  It also provides a handy pictorial view so you can visualise where the wind will be coming from in relation to the runway.

The best bit for me is the ability to enter component limits in to the app. This will display a component that is either approaching the limit (or even over the limits for a co-pilot with lower experience) in amber.  Or if over the limits displays the component in red.

The only additional feature I would have liked to see is the ability to add a gust component. In some companies the crosswind limit includes half the gust, or all the gust in the case of the head/tail wind components.

Other features include a temperature converter to convert a static air temperature, dew point and wind velocity to a relative humidity and also a wind chill factor.  A pressure altitude calculator and CAS to TAS to Mach Number converter, this was tested in the real world in a 737NG and were found to be bang on accurate.

Overall this app is well worth its few dollers/euros/pounds asking price.  Inputs to the app are quick and easy to update for the latest wind and provides an instant recalculation.  – 4/5
Spin-a-Wind - Len Robinson