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January 27th, 2011
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Fly Weather is the first Weather Forecast Application all over the world that let you see the weather from a Learjet Bombardier on fly.

Fly Weather not only give you the information and forecasts for 5 days every country in the world, but lets you see the situation Forecast with real breathtaking movies and music.

With the collaboration of a Pilot Civil Aviation, we used an advanced flight simulator to recreate the different weather conditions and we filmed from the airplane in flight, flying over the most beautiful corners of our planet.

Fly Weather allows you to create your list of favorite cities and monitor current conditions and forecasts for the next 5 days.

Fly Weather for any location in the world provides you with real-time

– Current Weather Conditions
– Current temperature
– Expected Mow Temperature
– Expected Maximun Temperature
– Percentage of moisture in the air
– Sunrise Time
– Sunset Time
– Forecast for the day
– Forecast for the next 4 days

Over 100 views and weather supported by 20 different music themes.

Fly Weather - Horizon Software I.T.

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