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March 26th, 2011
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Screenshot of VHRegVHReg is an instant mobile reference of all Australian VH registered aircraft.

VHReg accesses a hierarchical database; this is a much richer product than a simple spreadsheet-like flat file. Having found a particular item, you can navigate up, down and across the database with a few taps to discover all related information about an aircraft, its model and type, owner and engine.

All data is held on as server, which is synchronized with the publication of new data as it is published by CASA, so its always up to date. [Please note that this app requires wifi or cellular access to the internet].

With VHReg you can get instant answers to the following questions:

• What are the registration details for aircraft VH-abc?

• Who is the registered owner and/or operator?

• Show me ALL of the aircraft that they own or operate

• Give me a list of ALL other aircraft which are of the same type, or have the same engine or prop, or from the same manufacturer.

• Find any owner or operator (and therefore all of their aircraft) from an auto-complete style drop down of names.

• For any of the above, make a single-tap call to the internet search engines to discover anything known about the aircraft, owner, operator, or model etc.

VHReg implements a tight integration with the internet’s leading search engine. If you want extended information about an owner, or need to know engine details, or get pics of the aircraft, its generally only a few taps away.

VHReg comes with two screen presentations (selected in iPhone…Settings) – a daylight format, and a night format, so you won’t impare your night vision from the cockpit late at night!

The app is fully documented through on-screen help, with full email support provided to all purchasers by the developers.

VHReg1 - Wavefront Technology

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