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December 19th, 2010
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It is crucial to know your takeoff roll on those isolated short mountain runways, but those hot high density altitude days on your home runway could also extend your rollout beyond your airplaneā€™s performance capabilities. This calculator is designed to provide the data needed to make the right decision prior to departure and should be used as a regular part of preflight planning.

On the weather tab; set the elevation, temperature, dew point, pressure, wind direction and wind speed and the application will calculate density altitude, pressure altitude, absolute pressure, relative density percentage, estimated cloud bases and estimated freezing level.

The Runway tab will calculate the runway takeoff roll increase/decrease based on the runway type and slope.
The Aircraft Weight and Balance tab provides a place for quick easy weight and balance calculations in order to find the percentage of gross takeoff weight.

The Performance tab combines data from the other three tabs to show final calculations for wind components, takeoff distance and runway remaining along with projected Rate of Climb.

Calculating aircraft takeoff rollout can be time consuming and tricky. Save yourself time and headache by using Takeoff Calc.

Takeoff Calc - Randy Gawer

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