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Pocket Flight Management Assistant (PFMA)

February 20th, 2010
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Pocket Flight Management Assistant (PFMA) is a iPhone App based flight computer designed for the professional pilot, with a familiar look resembling the Flight Management Computers (FMC) onboard most modern automated airliners.

The E6B Edition emulates the functions present on the traditional “Wizz Wheel” providing the pilot with a complete and powerful solution for flight planning and inflight aviation calculations.


• Real life avionics look & feel
• Customizable quick access buttons
• Configurable units
• Block and airtime chronographs
• Comfortable keypad for inflight use

Formulas included

• Airspeed and altitude
• Wind triangle
• Fuel usage
• Great circle navigation (point to point)
• Unit conversions

PFMA E6B - TATA Mobile

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