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Military Aircraft Recognition Guide

February 14th, 2010
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Are you fascinated by attack fighters, bombers, helicopters and other military aircraft? Then this is the right app for you! The military aircraft recognition guide for the iPod touch and iPhone contains over 85 slides of well-known military aircraft from all over the world. Each slide contains an accurate profile of an aircraft (top view, a front view and a side view) and detailed information (e.g. dimensions, range, weight).

But that’s not all: in this app, you will have an overview of operators, weapon load and armament. The application will be updated free of charge with additional fighters, bombers and helicopters.
You will be capable of identifying military aircraft in no time!

Navigation in the application is easy: similar to the navigation you are used to in the Apple weather application. All aircraft are sorted by their manufacturer and with a simple swipe you can navigate between the slides.

Military Aircraft Recognition Guide Professional Version - Pentangelli Software

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