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December 15th, 2010
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gRide is an application that measures the total G-forces influencing the device in the x, y, and z directions. The gauge at the top and the graph at the bottom, record the maximum G’s reached while the graph in the middle displays the instantaneous G’s.

To use gRide, simply launch the application and place the device somewhere in a way such that it doesn’t move, then reset the max and start your run. There is no calibration required and the phone can be place in any orientation desired.

You can also change the skin on the application by going to the Skins screen and selecting one. To go to the Skins screen, click on the Skin button located on the right of the navigation bar of the information screen.

After you are done measuring the g-forces, you can email the g-force data by clicking on the envelope icon located on the top left of the main screen.

This application works with many different types of vehicles such as cars, boats, aircraft, or even a roller coaster. Just start the application, reset the max G’s, and record away.

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