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Gone Flying Aviation Safety

November 13th, 2010
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Gone Flying is a location aware safety notification application for flying enthusiasts. The application utilizes the GPS, Google maps, calendar and camera features of the iPhone. Gone Flying enables the user to record their departure, destination and waypoint information. The application also enables the user to email or post a Twitter message containing their flight details and maps. Going flying just got safer.

Whether you are a pilot or passenger of a small aircraft, Gone Flying is easy to use and may save lives in the event of an emergency. Finding missing aircraft on the ground in remote or heavily timbered areas can be extremely difficult, however the information and maps that can be sent from this application, may make the job of locating missing aircraft and persons quicker and easier.

With the application users can:

* Record aircraft, crew and safety equipment details.
* Record trip start, trip end and waypoint dates and times using the scrolling calendar.
* Record trip start, trip end and waypoint locations using the GPS, map screen and search function.
* Take a photo of their aircraft.
* Email flight details and maps to family or friends.
* Post a Twitter message containing their flight details.
* Notify their family or friends if they decide to change their dates, times or location details.
* Notify their family or friends when they cancel SAR time.

Gone Flying Aviation Safety - LBS Wireless

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