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August 4th, 2011
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Gear Up ScreenshotGearUp is quite a simple little app with just a small selection of features, the thing is though, they are all very useful little tools cannily the author has managed to identify the stuff that might not be readily available in our heads, but we just need every now and again.

For example, we all know how to read METARs, we read them everyday but I have lost count of the amount METAR decoders there are available on the App Store.  Good for when you’re first learning to fly but hopefully, not required on an everyday basis.  SNOTAM’s however, well as I fly in Europe I don’t see them on an everyday basis.  Whenever I do see them, I am quickly reaching for the performance manual. Well from now on I’ll reach for the iPhone.  The App contains a very simple SNOTAM / MOTNE decoder that uses the iPhone’s familiar  spinwheel method of input and gives a fast decode.  The SNOTAM is a little more complicated to input by its nature but is still quicker than scouring the manual.

Other features include a fuel uplift and discrepancy calculator which simply requires a fuel on arrival figure in KGs and an uplift in a measure of unit of your choice and a density.  Hit the start button and it will calculate the uplift in KGs and give you the discrepancy in both KGs and percentage.  You can enter your discrepancy limits in the settings page and it will warn if the calculation exceeds your limits.

Finally there is a simple take off weight calculator and a list of countries and their time zones.

Its just one of those apps that you will just use everyday, maybe not all the functions everyday, but at least one of them. 4/5

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