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E6B Pilot

June 8th, 2010
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E6b Pilot – the e6b calculator for iPhone with 5 primary and 23 supporting utilities to assist the private or professional pilot in flight planning.

Also included is a timer with alarms and a live weather info facility. (TAF and METAR from ICAO coded airfields)

A single leg flight plan may also be constructed and displayed on the main page using results from the following primary functions:

* Course (Track) and Distance
* Heading and Ground speed
* Fuel – Time
* Weight and Balance
* Costing

The E6b sub-menu sections are:
Flight Planning
* (as listed above)

Wind Triangles
* Course (Track) and Ground Speed
* Unknown Wind
* Crosswind and Headwind Components

Altitude and Airspeed Calculations
* Pressure and Density Altitude
* True Altitude
* True Airspeed, Rectified Airspeed and Mach Number

Vertical Navigation
* Rate of Climb
* Top of Climb
* Rate of Descent
* Top of Descent

* Volume
* Weight
* Distance
* Temperature
* Pressure
* Airspeed
* Volume to Weight

* Holding Patterns
* Critical Point
* Point of No Return
* Sunrise, Sunset

E6b Pilot - Navtech Software

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