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Cruise Rest

January 25th, 2010
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This is a basic Cockpit Crew Rest calculator for those flying single and double augmented legs. The primary goal was to eliminate any public math and simplify data input when things are bumpy.

Enter any two of the three pertinent times and the remaining time will be calculated and shown (bordered in yellow). The breaks will display when enough data is entered. Ensure to use only one time zone (UTC works great).

The default is 2 breaks if the Flight Time is over 12 hours, 3 otherwise.

The two “Offset” sliders change the periods at the beginning and end of the flight that are not part of the breaks. They range (0 to 30 min) and (30 to 60 min) respectively. Defaults are 15 and 45 and are reset by re-selecting “2” or “3” breaks on the toolbar.

The ssLL {short, short, Long, Long} option is a 2 break (double augment) case. Everyone gets the same total break time, they are just broken up into a short “early” break and a longer “late” break. The third slider is shown when this is selected allowing changes to the short vs. long relationship.

The sLLs {short, Long, Long, short} option can be useful for three person crews and fairly short flight times. The first break is split half on the front and half on the back. It is reasonable to reduce the time before landing value as it only really effects the non-flying pilot. It may also help you get a “bunkie of the year” nomination.

The “Reset” button resets all data, the “Lock” switch locks or unlocks the display to prevent inadvertent changes.

Editing of the input times is always supported. The keyboard will not accept a number sequence that is not a viable HH:mm time.

Cruise Rest - Robert Steeneck

  1. Lou
    October 19th, 2017 at 03:26 | #1

    any chance there will be an update for iOS 11 for this app

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