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Civil Aircraft Recognition Guide

February 20th, 2010
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The aircraft and airline recognition guide, made for the iPhone and iPod touch, contains approximately 90 commercial aircraft profiles. Not only commercial aircraft are included: the application has over 30 private and corporate aircraft. The application provides detailed statistics (e.g. dimensions, range, fuel capacity, unit costs and ) and aircraft information during all stages of flight (e.g. takeoff run, climb rate, ceiling, max. takeoff weight).
Its the ideal guide for airplane enthusiasts and aircraft plane spotters!

Airline Liveries:
But that is not all: the application contains 500+ airline paintschemes of 50 airlines. Not only the standard airline liveries are included, but also special liveries (e.g. Qantas Wunala Dreaming, Air Canada Olympics 2010, US Airways special liveries, retro paint schemes). In future updates, more airlines and aircraft liveries will be added in order to make this application even more complete. All updates will be free of charge.

Navigation in the application is easy, similar to the Apple weather program: all aircraft are sorted by their manufacturer and with a simple swipe you can navigate between the slides. All airline liveries are sorted by their operator and the navigation between the slides is identical.

With this application, you will be capable of identifying aircraft at an airport in no time: a must-have for all commercial aircraft enthusiast!

Aircraft recognition guide - Pentangelli Software

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