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AeroPlus Mobile

December 4th, 2010
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AeroPlus is a webbased aviation application made for flightschools and aeroclubs. AeroPlus eases tasks related to the reservations of airplanes of aeroclubs or involving airplanes and flying lessons of flight training organizations. All the scheduling activities and matching of flight instructors to airplanes is managed through AeroPlus. The financial and administrative aspects related to flying aircrafts of an aircrafts-club or flightschool is fully supported. AeroPlus helps you to keep track of flying time and related costs, sends out invoices to participants of aircraftclubs or flightschool students and links to online accounting software for an integrated and solid financial and planning solution.

AeroPlus Mobile is the mobile client app for the iPhone and iPad which offers users a flexible way of keeping track of their reservations, bookings of flight lessons and related flying times and costs. AeroPlus Mobile integrates seamlessly with the online aviation solution of AeroPlus.

AeroPlus Mobile website: http://www.aeroplus.nl

AeroPlus Mobile - IT2BE

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