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So You Want To Fly Seaplanes

February 11th, 2011
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Another great aviation app from Sportys pilot shop, this time concentrating on the art of flying Seaplanes and is ideal for pilots that don’t want their destination to constrained by the availability of a runway!

Seaplane flying is an exciting way to rediscover the fun and freedom of flying, or add that rating pilots covet. Now, this new iOS App from Sporty’s can help you get your feet wet.

In this Seaplane app, you’ll travel to the famous Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base in Florida for a complete look at what flying seaplanes is all about. Climb into the back seat of a Piper J-3 Cub on floats for a pilot’s eye view of all the maneuvers required for the FAA checkride. Learn the different taxi techniques you’ll use, how to read the wind and the water, and how to master water takeoffs and landings.

Along the way, you’ll get real world tips to help advance your skills from noted seaplane instructors Jon Brown and John Rennie.

Using a visual menu system, So You Want to Fly Seaplanes is broken down into 14 individual video segments. Based on Sporty’s 50 years of aviation education experience, So You Want to Fly Seaplanes contains over 60 minutes of engaging animations, in-flight video and real-world tips and tricks. It’s perfect for anyone interested in the world of water flying.

So You Want To Fly Seaplanes - Sporty's Pilot Shop

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