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GroundSchool UK IMC RATING Exam Prep

February 14th, 2011
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This UK IMC RATING Theory Preparation app will help Brtish pilots prepare for their UK Instrument Meteorologcal Conditions (IMC) Rating theory exam as administerd by the CAA.

This app features hundreds of realistic questions just like you will see when you will sit the actual exams. Each question features a thorough explanation, written by our chief UK editor who is an ex-RAF pilot and now a longtime CFI.

Our app has more questions and helpful learning content than any “confusing” book or any competing app. Plus, and this is key, with our app, you get FREE LIFETIME UPDATES, meaning that you are welcome to use the one-touch-update feature in the app to upgrade to the latest questionset that we have available at any time in the future. This app is purchased, not rented – and it’s good for you for life.

GroundSchool UK IMC RATING Theory Exam Preparation - Dauntless Software

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