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Takeoffs and Landings by Sporty’s

December 21st, 2010
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Polish off your skills on the two most exhilarating aspects of flying—takeoffs and landings. This video-based iPhone and iPad app goes in depth to explore the different types of takeoffs and landings and the factors that affect their outcome.

In-flight footage puts you in the cockpit for a pilot’s eye view of the different techniques and methods for smooth, safe operation. 3D graphics give insight into performance characteristics and help to reinforce key topics.

This app will help you maintain your takeoff and landing proficiency—great for students, instructors, and experienced pilots alike. With the intuitive menu, you’ll be able to quickly access the topics you want to watch.

This is a Universal app, optimized for both iPad and iPhone, including the iPhone 4 Retina Display.

And this app is APPROVED FOR FAA WINGS CREDIT!!! Visit sportys.com/wings for more information on the FAA Wings program.

Takeoffs & Landings covers the following topics:

• Takeoffs

• Landings
–Crab, Side Slip & Forward Slip Techniques
–Recoveries from Bad Landings/Go-Arounds

• Power-Off Approaches
–90° Power-Off Landings
–180° Power-Off Landings
–360° Power-Off Landings
Takeoffs And Landings - Sporty's Pilot Shop

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