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March 30th, 2011
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Nav Trainer is a great tool for instrument, student pilots and flight instructors. Practice the use of aviation navigational equipment on your mobile device.

Includes VOR, HSI, RMI, ADF (Fixed card), DME and ILS simulation.

-Improve your situational awareness under IFR.

-Save time and money on your instrument and initial flight training.

-Prepare for your instrument rating or proficiency check.

-Test your progress with the test modes.

-Flight instructors: more easily explain and demonstrate complex air navigation concepts to your students.

-VORNDB trainer screen: Simulates VOR and NDB navigation using VOR, HSI, fixed card ADF and RMI displays.

-ILS trainer with both VOR and HSI displays.

-DME visualization screen – demonstrates how DME slant range distance is affected by ground distance and altitude.

-Test mode – generates phantom aircraft around the navaids. Your goal is to find the correct aircraft position.

-Drag and drop the aircraft and nav fix around the screen.

-Fly! mode – Make the airplane fly around the screen. great for practicing intercepting and tracking courses.

Easy to control:
-Toggle VOR sectors visualization on/off.

-Auto tune OBS by pressing the OBS knob.

-Auto turn the aircraft towards the nav fix by tapping the aircraft symbol.

-Change aircraft headings by flicking your finger over the heading indicator.

-Tune the OBS by dragging your finger up/down over the HSI/VOR displays or over the OBS knob.

Nav Trainer - Fleminger Media

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