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November 19th, 2010
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NameThatPlane has been developed for aviation professionals, including pilots, ATC, ground personnel, and others, to be able to identify aircraft quickly and accurately.

However, even if you’re not an aviation professional, but just have an interest in better educating yourself about various aircraft that you may see at the airport, NameThatPlane is for you!

NameThatPlane plays like an enjoyable game where you are quizzed, in a number of configurable modes, on aircraft. This includes drawing from a database of thousands of images that show the aircraft in a variety of angles and settings. If you’re a pilot or otherwise deal hands on with aircraft, this will help make you safer. However, equally practicaly, it will allow you to speak intelligently at interviews and in other professional situations when the need arises. In an industry where image and professionalism matter a lot, being able to positively identify aircraft has many small payoffs.

If you’re not an aviation professional, well, at the very least NameThatPlane is fun! You’ll be surprised how quickly you go from various airliners and business jets all looking alike to your able to really identify them and being able to say something about them. In addition to NameThatPlane’s various quiz modes, there’s also a learning mode where you can look through the various images and, if you’re connected to the Internet, to read more about the aircraft.

The Ultimate challenge of NameThatPlane is an included “Captain’s Challenge” mode where you are challenged to score 90% or higher on 50 hard level aircraft identification questions. Successful completion of this challenge is high testament indeed to your abilities to identify various aircraft.

Please note: NameThatPlane is intended for pilots, ground crew, travel agents, aviation executives, and aviation enthusiasts. The emphasis is on practical aircraft identification. This means that you will be able to confidently differentiate, for example, Boeing 757s from Boeing 737s and even newer generation Boeing 737s from older ones. However, NameThatPlane is not a ‘sub-variant’ tutor that will teach highly technical “trivial” information, such as minute differences within aircraft types, that are only of interest to, for example, pilots of those exact aircraft and/or hobbyist model builders. NameThatPlane is far more practical and useful, while still teaching you a lot.

The author of NameThatPlane is a longtime professional pilot who was surprised to find that, despite being around aircraft his whole life, there were cases where he could not reliably identify certain aircraft. He found that his skills improved dramatically after a short time using NameThatPlane. Soon after, he brought it to his initially skeptical colleagues who were soon convinced as well. NameThatPlane has now been used by pilots and other aviation professionals and enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a simple, straightforward, and fun system that works.

Again, to be clear, there are multiple images for each aircraft. This really puts the emphasis on learning the individual characteristics of each aircraft in an effective way. You can set the difficulty to ‘easy’ when you first start, and then ramp up to ‘hard’ questions once you get good.

Aircraft Featured in NameThatPlane include aircraft by Airbus, Antonov, ATR, Avro, BAC, BAe, Beechcraft/Raytheon, Boeing, Bombadier, Canadair, CASA, Cessna, Challenger, Dassault, de Havilland Canada, Douglas, Dornier, Eclipse, Embraer, Fairchild Dornier, Fokker, GAF, Gulfstram, Hawker, Honda, IAI, Ilyushin, Jetstram, Lear, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Mitsubishi, Piaggio, Pilatur, Piper, Rockwell, Shorts, Sino-Swearingen, SOCATA, Tupolev, Yakovlev, and more!

NameThatPlane - Aircraft Identification Tutor - Dauntless Software

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