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Sporty’s Instrument Proficiency Check

November 5th, 2010
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Be thoroughly prepared for your next Instrument Proficiency Check with Sporty’s interactive iPhone/iPad app for Pilots.

Using a visual menu system, Instrument Proficiency Check is broken down into 6 subject areas and 26 individual video segments. Based on Sporty’s award-winning Instrument Rating Course, the Instrument Proficiency Check app contains over 150 minutes of engaging 3D animations and in-flight video.

With the intuitive menu, you’ll be able to quickly access the topics you want to watch. Or, watch them all for a comprehensive review!

Instrument Proficiency Check covers the following topics:

• IFR Flight Review
–Instrument Regulations
–Weather Reports & Forecasts
–ATC & Charts

• Basic Attitude Instrument Flight
–Instrument Scan
–Four Fundamentals
–Compass & Timed Turns
–Unusual Attitudes

• Aircraft Systems & Preflight
–Vacuum System
–Pitot-Static System
–Preflight of Gyro Instruments

• Navigation, Clearances, & Holding
–VOR Airways
–ADF Tracking
–En Route GPS
–Clearances & Departure Procedures
–Arrival Procedures

• Approaches
–Types of Approaches
–Approach Charts
–Flying Precision Approaches
–Procedure Turns
–Flying Non-Precision Approaches
–Flying GPS Approaches

• Emergencies
–Partial Panel
–Fuel Emergencies
–Lost Communications

This comprehensive program from Sporty’s takes you beyond just passing your next check: it gives you the instrument flying information to make you a safer, more proficient pilot right away. It covers everything you should know to impress your instructor and ace your next instrument proficiency check. It also makes a great reference, easily reviewed in between flights.

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