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Instrument Pilot GS

January 12th, 2011
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Introducing MS Aviation’s newest aviation app for the iPad and iPhone. The Instrument pilot course is all you need to get you past the FAA knowledge test and the checkride.

MS Aviation republished their Instrument Pilot course with the latest graphics. They used over 40 2 and 3D animations to really make learning fun and interesting. The course includes quizzes after each lesson with an explanation of the answer, a button to pull up the FAA handbook where the answer is located and a powerful review button that takes you back into the video to the exact place where the answer was discussed.

The course is a complete ground school with 45 lessons. It’s 19 hours of solid training that’s not only necessary to become a successful pilot but it’s FUN…..

Instrument Pilot GS - Enlightened Development Inc.

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