February 22nd, 2011
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Extensive data content and a galore of functions will certainly make this application a very useful tool not only for general aviation pilots, but also for aircraft mechanics and professional pilots. The possibility to easily print out specific regulations using the “AirPrint” function or send the data to an email address will be appreciated by most users and especially flight instructors.

Data content:
-CFR Title 14 – Part 1 trough Part 198
-Complete Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
-Pilot Controller Glossary (PCG)
-CFR Title 49 Part 171, 172, 175, 830, 1540 – 1562
-AMT – Advisory Circulars AC 20-62D, AC 20-109A, AC 21-12B, AC 39-7C, AC 43-9C, AC 43.9-1F, AC 43.13-1B, AC 43.13-2B, and AC 65-30A.

Main features:
-send paragraph to an email address or a printer using the “AirPrint” function,
-filtering of data content based on its relevance for a specific certificate type or a rating,
-simple fulltext searching of paragraphs and/or headers only,
-search results highlighted in the paragraph texts,
-font size and font type customization,
-2 types of user interface display – hierarchical structure or simple list,
-all paragraph references cross-linked against each other by links and easy “return to previous text” functions on iPad,
-full-featured bookmark support, including customization of bookmark folders,
-paragraph “smart headers” for easy determination of hierarchy,
-all text and images optimized for clear and easy reading
-app fully optimalized for iPad using popular SplitView architecture and other iPad specific features for your comfort

FAR AIM AMT - Aviationexam s.r.o.

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