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Cockpit Challenge – Instrument scan training aid

April 19th, 2011
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Screenshot - Cockpit Challenge Cockpit Challenge is for pilots, student pilots, and flight instructors. Cockpit Challenge is a simple, unique training aid that will help you develop superior instrument scanning skills. Try to keep the airplane level while you deal with emergencies in the cockpit. React to the emergencies, but don’t forget to fly the airplane. You will score best if you can keep the airplane level through the stress of alerts.

Cockpit Challenge is designed by an ATP rated flight instructor with over 25 years of experience teaching other pilots how to deal with emergencies in the cockpit.

Cockpit Challenge is not a flight simulator. Please don’t expect a flight simulator. However, we believe Cockpit Challenge is a useful training aid that will allow you to improve your Cockpit Resource Management skills, while also having fun competing against other pilot’s scores.

One of the biggest problems in the cockpit is the lack of good Cockpit Resource Management (the ability to manage your tasks effectively under stressful and time critical situations). Even experienced pilots can fall into the trap of becoming overly fixated on one alert or another, and ultimately may forget to fly the airplane.

Each training session is 2 minutes in length. Keep the plane as level as you can as you deal with alerts in the cockpit. See if you can get good at balancing your attention between tasks. See how well you do compared to others, and try to be the best!
Cockpit Challenge - Charles Johnson

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