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August 27th, 2011
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Aviation Signs ScreenshotHave you ever wondered what a particular sign signifies on an airport taxi way, or what the marshaller who is frantically waving at you is trying to tell you? Well this app is for you!

It provides explanations for the common signs, symbols and markings to be found around airports.  The graphics used are bright and very accurately replicate the signs being explained.  There are also explanations of marshaller signals along with accurate animations of each signal.

Currently the categories include:-

– Signs
– Markings (Runway / Taxiway)
– Lightings (Approach Lighting Systems / Runway / Taxiway)
– Tower Signals
– Marshaller
– Search and Rescue Signals
– Meteo Symbols
– Aerodrome Signals

… with more promised to be on the way.

Overall a very interesting little app which is well worth the couple of dollers purchase price. 4/5
AviationSigns - Manuel Ringger

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