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Foreflight Charts

November 6th, 2010
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ForeFlight Charts 1.0 is a fast and elegant app for referencing
FAA Sectional Charts and FAA Terminal Charts for the
continental United States. Charts supports fast pinch, zoom,
and scroll gestures; airport search and route planning; simple
calculations for finding total trip distance, initial magnetic
course, estimated time en route, and fuel burn; and integrates
with the iPhone and iPod touch’s location services to enable
simple moving map capabilities.

ForeFlight partnered with RunwayFinder.com, a popular
online pilot resource, to bring ForeFlight Charts to life.
ForeFlight Charts is a great utility for pilots, aspiring pilots,
aviation enthusiasts, flight simmers, and flight support


✪ Pinch, drag, and zoom FAA Sectional Charts for the
continental United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
✪ Zoom into major airports to see FAA Terminal Charts.
✪ Draw a route of flight using two or more airport identifiers,
ground speed, and fuel burn.
✪ Airport elevation and tower/CTAF frequencies displayed
within airport markers.
✪ ‘Follow Me’ functionality that uses the iPhone’s location
support to enable simple moving map functionality.
✪ Display ground speed, true course, and altitude when in
Follow Me mode.
✪ Rotation support for browsing charts and routes in
landscape mode.
✪ Default settings for ground speed and fuel burn.

Note: location services are not certified for use in aviation

Features not included in version 1.0:

✪ Alaska sectional charts.
✪ A download manager for storing charts for in flight
reference or reference when disconnected from the network.
✪ Flight rules indicators on weather reporting airports or
markers for all airports.
✪ Graphical TFRs

Customers can expect Charts to be updated often, making it
one of the best values in iPhone aviation software.

First year subscription included with purchase.


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