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Foreflight File

November 6th, 2010
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ForeFlight File is a simple flight plan filing utility for pilots for iPhone and iPod touch. File was designed with the same attention to detail that ForeFlight customers expect and includes user interface gems such as our Intelligent Aircraft Color Picker, altitude correction for VFR and IFR, email confirmations, detailed status messages, and a “fix” feature for correcting flight plans that could not be filed for any reason.

Features include:
✣ VFR, IFR, and DVFR flight rules
✣ Equipment selector
✣ Intelligent Color Picker for selecting up to four aircraft colors
✣ Intelligent Altitude Selector sets the proper altitudes based on type of flight plan filed
✣ iPhone-style pickers for time en route, fuel aboard, departure time, and cruise altitude
✣ Previous and Next buttons to quickly progress from field to field
✣ A ‘fix’ feature that lets you quickly correct a flight plan that failed to file
✣ Complete history of all flight plans filed
✣ A copy function to file a new flight plan from an existing flight plan
✣ A delete function to remove old flight plans from history
✣ Flight plan status indicators that clearly display whether a flight plan has filed
✣ Email confirmations that include both a flight plan summary, flight plan details, and ForeFlight confirmation codes
✣ Current and forecast weather observations included in email confirmations
✣ Optionally use your personal DUATS access code

Flight plans are organized by date (“Today”, “This Week”, “This Month”, “Older”), making it easy to find and reuse previously filed plans. Create new flight plans from old ones using the Copy feature, or delete plans that you no longer want to reference. Filing all your plans through ForeFlight File is a great way to keep track of your flight plan filing history.

If you are not ready to take the plunge into ForeFlight Mobile, File is a great way to get an inexpensive peek at one of the many features available in our flagship product.

All of the functionality in ForeFlight File can be found inside ForeFlight Mobile, so existing ForeFlight Mobile customers need not purchase it.

NOTE: ForeFlight File is not a flight planning application. It is a simple and well-designed utility for filing flight plans with the FAA that gives you access to a history of all flight plans filed through ForeFlight.

DEVELOPERS: ForeFlight uses the iPhone’s URL handling feature to allow other applications to send flight plans to File via a simple URL scheme. ForeFlight also makes available a simple web services API that your application can use to submit flight plans. Please contact us if you would like to integrate your iPhone application with ForeFlight File’s flight plan filing feature.

ForeFlight File: Flight Plan Filing for Pilots and Aviation - ForeFlight

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