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November 30th, 2010
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FlyToFix is app that was designed primarily to help the private pilot licensed to PPL plan a route.
This application in no circumstances wants to replace the instruments normally used in the planning and conduct of a flight.
As all pilots know, planning a flight is divided into several parts that range from weather forecasting to the actual presentation of the flight plan.
FlyToFix version 1.0 gives you a hand in that you have to calculate the distance and time between two fix.
Simply select two to fix a table, which now appears a window where you can read the distance between the fix and the time that separates them traveling at cruising speed.
The distance is measured in meters, kilometers, and the Nautical Miles, the time in minutes.
The cruising speed being variable from airplane to airplane, you can set. The default speed is 110 kn typical of the Cessna 172 and the like.
This application comes with a number of fixes already loaded, which are mainly concentrated in the area where flight is often the area of Cremona.
Each pilot may store that wants to fix by simply tapping on the map, or by adding them directly into the table every time you plan a route.

FlyToFix - Antonino D'Angelo

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