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CFI Tools – Nearest

March 4th, 2011
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The CFI Tools Nearest App is used to get Bearing and Distance to Airports and NAVAIDs in the USA.

Any pilot that works with a GPS knows how useful the Nearest button is. It is easy to use. It provides important information. It is designed to be simple and that makes it easy to use with one hand.

Nearest Options

You can filter points in or out based on type. There are four defined types: Airport, VOR, NDB and Other.
Distance can be displayed in Nautical Miles or Kilometers.
There is a Lock button to stop automatic rotation based on orientation.
Touch the To/From button to switch from Magnetic Bearing “To” to Radial “From”.
Simple lookup by NAVAID ID or Name or City.

Origin and Destination

Origin and Destination points can be chosen. The bearing To and From the destination and the distance to the destination is displayed.
Bearing and distance to the destination is also displayed from the Current Location.

Nearest Error Checking

Altitude from the GPS is displayed, but I will caution you that in my experience this value can be somewhat difficult to receive reliably. When the GPS has an unreliable altitude it will be displayed as negative one (-1).

If the GPS signal is lost a red warning flag is displayed along with an error message, but the last valid data will continue to be displayed. If the GPS signal is being received an OK message with a green light flag is displayed.

Nearest Data Base USA ONLY

The data base of Airports and NAVAIDs is derived from the FAA National Flight Data Center data base. Therefore it contains only data for the United States.

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