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July 5th, 2010
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Pilots Pal is the ultimate Pilot Logbook app for your iPhone.

Whether you are an Airline Pilot or a student Pilot, Pilots Pal will meet your needs.

The interface is intuitive yet feature rich. Not only can you keep track of your flights, Pilots Pal will track Duty hours, flight allowances, real time weather download, runway decodes and a cross wind calculator.

Features at a glance:-

Fast data entry including automatic calculation of day / night flight times take-offs and landings. All flight data can be edited or added to during flight entry.

Real time weather downloads for both Taf and Metar (data connection required), runway reports will be decoded for each runway if available. Airports can be selected from the airport list or manually entered using any ICAO code.

Fully integrated duty tracking, you set the limits and Pilots Pal will let you know if the limit is approaching.

Flight allowances can be added automatically as well as manually entered.

Comprehensive flight searches can be performed for aircraft type, registrations, airports, pilots, approach types as well as searching by dates or a quick search options.

Pilots Pal will synchronise wirelessly with both the Mac and Windows versions of Pilots Pal, the full database is retained on your iPhone.

A wind calculator will allow you to enter the runway direction, wind direction and speed, from this a north oriented presentation is displayed along with crosswind and head / tail wind computation.

Pilots Pal - Pilots Pal

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