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FlightLog Pilots Logbook

December 15th, 2009
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Flightlog is a native iPhone / iPod touch application that allows pilots to log and analyse their flight hours right from their device!

FlightLog makes it easy to log and analyze flight hours on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Flight time is organized by aircraft and hour category tallies are visible at a glance! The new Query Builder allows you to quickly build a list of filters to find flight time totals using any combination of log properties you choose!

Feedback and comments are encouraged to aid in the direction and evolution of this software. As always, updates will be free.

FlightLog now allows your custom query results to be emailed to you in an E-mail report! Very cool! Also, the Approach logging system has received an overhaul and will now allow you to enter any number of approaches for any type of approach you wish, you are no longer restricted to one approach type. 1.3 contains some other enhancements as well, please see the news section of the website for more information on this update.

FlightLog currently allows you to manage the current data:

Aircraft Options
– Primary Identity (Category Name)
– Secondary Identity (Tag for secondary merging)
– Type (Either Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider, LTA, Ultra-Light, Para glider, Powered Para glider)
– Engines: (Either Single, Multi, or None)
– Engine Type: (Either Prop, Turbine, Jet, Heavy Jet, or None)
– Land/Sea
– Gear Type: (Tricycle, Taildragger, Retractable)

Log Entry:
– Date
– Number of Landings
– X-Country time
– Day/Night
– Dual/PIC
– A/Instrument and S/Instrument
– To/From Airport
– Note: Free text
– Aircraft registration
– Approach Type (Visual, GCA, GPS, ILS, JPALS, LAAS, LDA, Localizer, MLS, NDB, PAR, SDF, Tacan, VOR, VOR/DME)
– Block Times (off blocks, takeoff, landing, on blocks)
– Night Vision Goggles
– Night Vision Landings
– Night Vision Takeoffs
– CFI Time
– Solo
– Hoists/Winches
– Ship/Deck Landings
– External Load Lifts

Query Builder:
– The Query Builder allows you to analyze your log totals by a combination of custom criteria you choose. Quickly see how many hours you have logged in the past 6 months as the pilot-in-command on cross-country flights at night! This is just one example of many queries you can rapidly build with the query builder that will be introduced in FlightLog 1.1.0.

E-mail Report:
– This new feature allows you to email yourself your logs in a printable format, making it easy for you to have both a hard and soft copy for safe keeping!

FlightLog - Pilot's Logbook - Jeff Cardillo

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