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April 18th, 2011
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RC Plane ScreenshotFly and RC Plane through a realistic country side scenario.
Realistic flight, and great looking 3D graphics will amuse every kind of player.

Fly through a Barn, a windmill and some misterious spots sparse trough the scenario.

Perform stunts with your RC Plane!

– Now with in-game store to purchase game modes and rc planes.

Game features:

– 2 realistic RC planes + 5 more to purchase in-app

– 3 and 4channels configurations

– Trainer and acrobatic plane (plus jet, 4ch trainer, ww2 bomber and fighter planes available for purchase)

– 3 camera angles:
° Follow : follows plane from close behind giving player a great view angle and control.
° Fixed : fly your RC Plane as in you would in real world. Fixed camera from various spots around the scenario to simulate the REAL EXPERIENCE.
° Inside : flight your plane from an inside camera.

– Both touch and accelerometer controls

– Accelerometer calibration options

– Compass to guide player

– Mini map of the scenario

RC Plane - Frozen Pepper

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