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PadPilot – Aviation Book Store

March 31st, 2011
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Padpilot is a knowledge portal for professional pilots and aspiring pilots. Once you have downloaded the free Padpilot app you can buy a wide range of books and other learning material from our in-app bookstore. Our first offering is absolutely free! Maths and Physics for Pilots is a great little book which gives you all the basic maths and physics you need for the ATPL course.

All our books are designed and written by pilots for pilots. With clear, simple English and lavish illustrations, they are among the very best authoritative sources of knowledge for pilots.

We are constantly updating our library and books are, or soon will be, available to cover all the major aviation subjects, from basic meteorology and principles of flight to advanced techniques for instructors. Although many of our books are written for the ATPL student, they also serve as an incredibly useful aviation encylopaedia for all pilots.

Students of affiliated training organizations which use the Padpilot system, will be given login information for Padpilot. With a valid login, you can download additional syllabus guidance material and personalised help worksheets from your tutors.

If you haven’t got a personalised ID you can still log in to see unpersonalised syllabus guidance material. In this case use the Student ID: 0000 and the password: student

Padpilot is the future for aviation knowledge delivery. It is an absolute must for anyone who wants to study for a commercial pilot licence or who simply wishes to improve their piloting knowledge and skills.

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  1. Marcus Souza
    June 13th, 2011 at 21:46 | #1

    I need some books about physics for pilots.

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