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Sporty’s Plates Chart Viewer

January 22nd, 2011
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Sporty’s Plates is a simple app designed to make searching, viewing, and browsing plates a pleasant pre-flight and in-flight experience.

This is the app for pilots who may have never considered using an iPad in the cockpit before. With Plates, you can take every US approach plate with you on every flight–and save over 90% off the price of paper charts!

Why Plates is the best:
•Intuitive search function: search for airport identifier (I69), approach type (I69 RNAV) or approach name (I69 RNAV RWY 22). Also includes an auto-suggest feature to make finding the right plate even faster.
•Simple pinch zoom: the iPad allows you to instantly enlarge plates with a simple motion. Reading frequencies, altitudes and notes has never been easier.
•Night view–the iPad has a built-in night mode, so you can use Plates on the darkest night without ruining your night vision.
•Store Favorites and Recents: commonly-used approaches are accessible in dedicated lists, so you can quickly switch between an arrival and an approach.
•Grid or List View–display each airport’s plates multiple ways for easy selection.
•Fast, easy updates: ForeFlight’s update system and global distribution network makes it simple to keep all your terminal procedures up to date. Just one button will update every chart—automatically!
•Print charts–when connected to an iPad-compatible printer, you can even print charts directly from the app. Great for pre-flight planning.
•Legal replacement for paper charts–if you fly under FAR Part 91 (most general aviation flights), Plates is a legal replacement for your paper terminal procedures.

Plates subscription includes:
•All AeroNav (FAA) terminal procedures (US only)
•AeroNav (FAA) taxi diagrams (US only)
•Unlimited downloads

A 30-day trial is included for free. A complete one year subscription for the entire US is just $59.95.

Plates Chart Viewer - Sporty's Pilot Shop

  1. Kelly Carnighan
    June 20th, 2011 at 00:22 | #1

    I am confused with respect to the Sportys Chart App. Do I need a 3G plan/connection to download charts while in flight. I have the 30 day trial and took the Ipad to the airport and found I could nt bring up the charts. It appears I need to be in a Wi-fi area or have a 3G connection. I was under the impression all the charts were loaded and readily available. Please explain. Thank you!!

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