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SkyCharts Pro for iPad

April 5th, 2010
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SkyCharts iPad ScreenShotThis iPad app allows pilots to view current aviation charts directly on the device.  The map updates as you fly along allowing you to maintain situational awareness during your flight.

Moving map with current IFR/VFR/TAC aviation charts. Double tap on map to view A/FD and approach plate. Map has VFR/IFR/LIFR color-coded METARs, with orange TAFs.
No service? No problem! Download charts and plates for offline usage. Flight plan and navigate using the ICAO airport/navaid database, or manually enter LAT/LONG way points.

★ Fast zoom/scroll of VFR/IFR/TAC charts using standard gestures.
★ Fast download of charts for offline usage.
★ Fast download of A/FDs for offline usage.
★ Fast download of TPPs/IAPs for offline usage.
★ Flight planning with fuel and distance. Example: KUAO RAWER UBG MCCOY KSLE
★ Automatic waypoint sequencing
★ Navigation computes GS, TRK, DTK, DIS & ETE to current waypoint.
★ METAR/TAF color coded dots according to ADDS.
★ Double tap on airport to select A/FD and TPPs/IAPs to view.
★ Call ASOS/AWOS/ATIS once an airport has been selected.
★ Huge built-in navigation database, with all 20,000 airports, 45,000 FAA IFR/VFR naviation fixes and 2,100 FAA VOR/ADF fixes.
★ XPlane flight simulator tracker.
★ Location tracker. Enable the ‘BreadCrumbs’ setting in the system settings and your friends can check your current location.
★ Built in chart expiration checker, and charts/TPPs can be updated once updates are available.
★ Charts currently support continental USA, Hawaii and Alaska (IFR does not cover Alaska/Hawaii – let me know if you want that).
★ Map in portrait or landscape mode
★ Toggle track up or north up. If you always use north up please set change the preference for SkyCharts for even faster viewing.
★ Airplane shows direction of flight when north up is selected.

SkyCharts does not *yet* support:
★ Charts outside of USA.
★ TFR and radar.

One year of chart updates included in purchase.

SkyChartsPro - SkyCharts LLC

  1. William Gabay
    January 26th, 2016 at 15:23 | #1

    How do I change the info to allow program to compute correct speed and fuel data?

  2. Tom
    June 6th, 2017 at 06:00 | #2

    Hi I cant seem to get the navigation database program to load up into the route. Need to have a “go to”. ATC gave me a wypt 155 nm away in Texas (Houston to San Antonio) a few weeks ago

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