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Lido/iRouteManual from Lufthansa Systems

January 19th, 2011
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For the first time any pilot and flight enthusiast can get professional aeronautical charts from Lufthansa Systems – for 40 major airports worldwide, including updates. Lido/iRouteManual is a specifically designed aviation app for the iPad.

Lido/iRouteManual was designed with the following users in mind:

– Airline pilots who use the Lido/RouteManual charts from Lufthansa Systems and would like (preflight) briefing convenience via their iPad aviation app.
– Professional pilots who would like to familiarize themselves with the Lido aeronautical navigation charts.
– Flight simulator / aviation enthusiasts who would like to “fly” with professional IFR charts.

App features
– Search and filter according to airport name, IATA and ICAO code
– Clipboard optimized for airline operation: add the necessary charts at briefing time to have fast and convenient access
– Quick overview of airport
– See airport area on maps directly from Lido/iRouteManual
– Clear and simple interface: airport list / selected airport and chart list divided in Lido chart types: General, AGC/APC (Airport Ground Charts), SID, SIDPT, STAR and IAC (Instrument Approach Charts).
– To-scale, zoomable color-coded charts and quick chart display with all typical iPad Multi-Touch gestures
– Charts can be rotated regardless of the position of the iPad
– Flip charts within the chart type

Lido/iRouteManual contains access and update service to charts of the following airports:

+ Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Munich, Nice, Paris, Prague, Rome, Seville, Vienna, Zurich.

+ North America: Boston, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York.

+ South America: Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo.

+ Asia: Bangkok, Colombo, Delhi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Peking, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo.

+ Africa: Addis Ababa, Cairo, Johannesburg, Mauritius.

+ Australia: Melbourne, Sydney.

Lido/iRouteManual - Aeronautical Charts for preflight briefing - Lufthansa Systems

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