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Cessna iFlite

November 28th, 2010
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Cessna iFlite is an iPad application and requires a $139.95 annual subscription for full functionality. The initial purchase of $9.95 enables you to view A/FD and AOPA Directory information, to purchase and view Cessna POHs, and to have full access to the E6B. Viewing your aircraft’s location on an approach chart requires a ChartData subscription with Seattle Avionics (not required to view charts or for SmartTaxi).

Cessna iFlite includes a tremendous feature set including Weight and Balance, Takeoff and Landing Performance, and Aircraft POHs (additional purchase) for in-production single-engine Cessna aircraft. The features includes:

Cessna-specific features that support in-production single-engine aircraft (Skycatcher, Skyhawk, Skylane, StationAir, Caravan, Corvalis):
● Weight and Balance
● Takeoff and Landing Performance
● Aircraft POHs

● Geo-Referenced Approach Charts!
– See your aircraft on the approach

Moving Map
● GPS-Enabled Moving Map with Terrain Awareness
● Displays terrain for Contiguous USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Bahamas
● Displays Class B, C, and D Airspaces
● Displays Special Use Airspace; e.g. Prohibited Areas, Restricted Areas, Alert Areas, etc.
● Multiple zooming levels
● Knots, MPH, km/h

A/FD, AOPA Directory, and Google Maps
● Includes Airport, NavAids, and Fixes information including Communications, Location, Facilities Runways, and Remarks.
● AOPA Directory information includes FBOs, Attractions, Car Rentals, Hotels/Motels, Restaurants, Taxi Services, and detailed Airport Diagrams.
● Includes Bahamas and Puerto Rico
● Integrated Google Maps
● Integrated Yelp

Approach Charts
● SmartTaxi™
● The entire USA is stored right your iPad
● Easy to filter on All, ILS Only, GPS Only, or Six-Pack
● All charts are zoomable
● “Night Vision” shows charts white on black.

Wx Text
● Color-coded METARs, TAFs, winds/temperatures aloft
● Shows nearby airports with distance and direction
● Includes Alaska and Hawaii
● Celsius/Fahrenheit selectable
● Show/Hide RMK section
● Automatically calculates Density Altitude for each METAR
● Automatically calculates freezing level

Wx Images
● NOAA weather images include RADAR, Satellite, Icing, Wind, Flight Conditions, Weather Forecast, Prog Charts, Lightning, and more
● Includes Alaska and Hawaii

Route Planning
● Enter identifiers including Victor Airways and Jetways
● Easily modify route by dragging to reorder
● Adding a waypoint automatically inserted in correct location
● Show Total and Longer Than Direct distances
● Flight Log shows Magnetic Headings, Groundspeed, ETE, Fuel Burn by using winds aloft information

● Flight plans and Weather Briefings downloaded using secure connection (optional)
● File, Close, and Cancel flight plans
● Obtain Weather Briefings – Route and Area
● Flight plans and Weather Briefings are official and recorded by DUATS.com
● Saved Flight Plans and Weather Briefings can be reused for fast filing (unlimited)
● Aircraft Manager auto-fills Tail, Type/Equipment, TAS, and Color fields of flight plan
● Part 135 friendly

● Display TFRs (text and images)
● Option to only show Active and Pending TFRs (active within 24 hours)

● Conversions
● Distance-Speed-Time
● Pressure/Density Altitude
● Winds Aloft
● Runway Winds
● IFR Climb
● Descent Rate

Airport Status
● Show Airport Status at major airports

● FARs including Parts 1, 43, 61, 91, 119, 121, 135, 137, 141, NTSB 830, 1552, and 1562
● Parts of the AIM
● AC61-65E – Including Endorsements
● AC61-67C – Stall and Spin Awareness Training
● Pilot/Controller Glossary
● Aeronautical Contractions
● FSS Phone Numbers

Integrated Help System
● Built-in mini-manual

Note: iPad 3G is required for GPS location, but not required to view Moving Map screen.

Cessna iFlite - Hilton Software LLC

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