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Beacon – North America

November 23rd, 2010
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Beacon North America is a fully functional, portable GPS solution designed specifically for general aviation, corporate, and commercial pilots. This application offering covers North America. (Information for Canada and Mexico is limited.)

Please note that an annual subscription is required to keep your airport and chart data up-to-date. Beacon has a user interface that really works in a turbulent cockpit and a feature set that is loaded. Features include: ◆ A real-time moving map display with no external antenna. (Fly on your choice of digital terrain, scanned sectional/IFR charts, or in a 3D view with controlled/protected airspace visualization.)

◆ The quickest, most intuitive touch screen user interface in the business.

◆ All airports and heliports (public, private, military, seaports)

◆ Geo Referenced Charts (Sectionals, IFR Low and High, Approach Plates, Airport Diagrams)

◆ Real-time textual and graphical weather: METARS, TAFs, Surface Winds and Winds Aloft, Icing, Turbulence, IFR, Convective, and Radar images (with active internet connection) ◆ 3D view including 3D Airspaces and TFRs

◆ Configurable notifications for: Fuel Pump, Carb Heat, Airspace, Waypoint, Switch Tanks, Landing Gear, Terrain, Obstacles ◆ Configurable Text Fields and Buttons for quick access to important information.

◆ Multiple Pilot and Aircraft Configurations

◆ Flight Plan Filing (through DUATS)

◆ All Navaids with frequencies ◆ TAWS ◆ Landmarks (Roads, Water, Urban Areas, Cities, Railroads)

◆ Built-in timer/stopwatch with notifications at configurable intervals.

Beacon: North America - Zivosity Software LLC

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