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FS Kneeboard

November 28th, 2010
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FS Kneeboard is a comprehensive application that provides pilots with resources for their flights. This first-of-it’s-kind application gives the pilot everything they need from the moment they sit in the cockpit til the moment they shut the engines down.


148 US IFR and VFR Terminal, Sectional and Enroute high and low charts.

About 15,000 digital terminal procedures.

Access to US weather radar, satellite imagery and current weather information for US airports. The METARs are decoded on screen as well as displayed in the METAR box. TAFs are also displayed. FS Kneeboard automatically calculates density altitude as well as crosswind and headwind components.

Create your own aircraft checklists or choose from any of the following pre-built checklists:

Captain Sim B767
Captain Sim B757
Captain Sim B727
Captain Sim C130 (FSX)
Leonardo MD-80
Level-D B767
PMDG B737-600 through -900
PMDG B747-400
Wilco PIC B737
Wilco B777
Wilco ERJ Series

Internet access required to download charts/weather (however charts can be saved to the iPad for offline access).

FS Kneeboard - Inquisitive Graphics, LLC

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