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January 11th, 2011
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App Control ScreenshotThis app is for all budding air traffic controllers and could almost be mistaken for a full blown professional ATC simulator. Complete with green screen radar scope graphics just like the real thing!

Like a real-life air traffic contoller you must maintain a lateral separation of 3 miles or a vertical separation of 1000 feet between aircraft landing and departing.

Give altitude, speed, heading and direct-to clerances to aircraft and make them reach the initial approach fix or the exit point at the flight plan altitude.

Challenge your skills at ten different airports, including some of the most complex in the world like Chicago O’Hare and Amsterdam Schipol.

This app reproduces some features of real air traffic control systems including various label schemes, speed vector and short term conflict alerts.

Produced by the same team behind these great aviation websites www.plasticpilot.net and www.connectingpilots.com.

APP Control - Vincent Lambercy

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