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Air Tycoon – Airline Management

November 13th, 2010
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This game goes on 3 months (a quarter) time lapse. At the beginning of the new game, you can get a main hub city and some amount of cash.
In every turn, you can manage your company, for example hiring, investment, getting loan, buying a plane, open a new route, and setting routes.
When you click the ‘Turn’ button after you did something, 3 months will be passed, and then you can check what has happened in that time period. You should check the result of the past quarter and plan what you should do for the next quarter.

Buy a New Airplane
For opening a new route, you should buy a new airplane first. The airplane you buy will be delivered on the next quarter.
Each plane has some factors, for example number of seats, maximum distance and lifetime.
If you want to make a route, please check the distance between two cities first, and it should be matched with the maximum distance of the plane you want to buy.
All airplane models have their own lifetime. If an airplane is used by its lifetime, it will be decommissioned from the route automatically. This information will be shown in the management report.
You can also cancel the order if you bought planes in the current quarter. Minus order can be possible in that case.

Sell Your Airplane
You can sell the plane you don’t use. If you have more than one planes for a specific model, and you want to sell one of them, you can only sell the oldest one.

Before Open a New Route
There is restriction when you open a new route. One route should have only one airplane model. In other words, two different models cannot be assigned to one route at the same time. And an airplane cannot be shared in two or more different routes.

For Open a New Route
If you have an available airplane for the new route, you can open a new route.

1. Select two cities in the map. One of them should be a hub city.
2. Touch the ‘Route’ button to open the route window.
3. Touch ‘Open’ button to open a new route
4. Follow route setting steps.

You can cancel the route open process to touch the ‘Route’ button in the bottom.

Which route is a good one?
The route between two cities that have large population has more travelers. The route between two cities that have long distance has more travelers. But there is an exeception. Orlando, Las Vegas, and Honolulu have many tourists from other cities even though they have small population.

Manage Employees, Investment, and Finance
For operating planes, routes, and hubs, you need to hire employees in the ‘Human’ tab of the ‘Manage’ menu.
Whenever you buy a new plane or open a new route, more employees are needed.
Keep the expected employee utilization rate under and closer to 90%. If you don’t, you will waste your money because some routes are not operated by lack of crew.

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