November 14th, 2010
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Kindly submitted by Pete – many thanks!

Geared specifically towards the crews that work around the clock to
deliver people and/or cargo safely and timely, iCrew is the foundation
in the online community called iCrewLife.

Through the application you will be able to check each airline’s
specific requirements in listing as a nonrev or jumpseater. If it can
be done online, the respective link will take you to the online
submission form, where you can list.

Once listed, you will be able to check delays in and out of airports
on your route.

If at home or at some of your layovers you find a place you would like
to share with the rest of the community, you can do so via the submit
page. You can include the coordinates if you are at the place and once
we review the submission it will be online for the community to share
and see on their iDevice.

iCrew - 1127 west third street LLC

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