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Pilot My-Cast® by Garmin (Blackberry)

August 29th, 2010
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Pilot My-Cast® by Garmin makes it easy to page through surface meteorological reports, terminal forecasts, observations and advisories instantly as they become available. Zoom into a single airport or route in high resolution, view animated radar and satellite imagery, pan across a moving weather map, check upper air winds and temperatures, identify cells producing lightning, and more. Now you can have the latest in personalized, on-demand pilot weather delivered to your mobile phone in text or graphical color formats.

Pilot My-Cast® was developed by pilots. And it shows.
Unique features include:

  • Radar and Satellite Imagery
  • Easy flight plan filing via DUAT(S) METARs displayed in text and graphic formats
  • TAFs – 24 hour forecasts
  • Current flight conditions and observations – visibility, altimeter, wind direction and speed, temperature, dew point, and time of observation
  • Improved TFR display highlights Temporary Flight Restriction areas
  • SIGMETs, AIRMETs and PIREPs – available as soon as they are issued
  • Winds aloft – direction, speed, and temperatures at planned flight altitude
  • Lightning data – the first mobile system that plots lightning strikes: the most dangerous cells to avoid.
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