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AirWX Aviation Weather (Blackberry)

August 29th, 2010
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AirWX brings you Aviation Weather on your Blackberry! Designed for pilots by pilots. AirWX gives you METARs, TAFs, Weather Charts, and Radar Images. Find out the current and forecast weather at US airports as well as some international airports. Use your Blackberry”s GPS to find Airport nearest to your current location!

Features include:
-METARs (decoded and raw)
-TAFs (decoded and raw)
-PIREPs (Pilot Reports)
-Weather Charts
-Radar Images
-Locate Airports using GPS (must be supported by your device)

NOTE To Non-US Customers:Please be aware that data might be limited for your airports. Although AirWX does support a large amount of international airports we cannot support small general aviation fields.

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