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BuzzWX (Blackberry)

August 29th, 2010 No comments

BuzzWX comes to the blackberry!
Weather information is critical for pilots. This tool allows pilots to retrieve METAR and TAF reports from the NOAA. These are two of the most important tools for pilots in prefight and this tool provides a simple and direct way to get them on your mobile phone.


  • METAR, TAF, Short TAF, and Decoded METAR for all station IDS
  • Easy to use and install

This tool should only be used as a supplement to flight planning, and never as the only source for weather information.…

Pilot My-Cast® by Garmin (Blackberry)

August 29th, 2010 No comments

Pilot My-Cast® by Garmin makes it easy to page through surface meteorological reports, terminal forecasts, observations and advisories instantly as they become available. Zoom into a single airport or route in high resolution, view animated radar and satellite imagery, pan across a moving weather map, check upper air winds and temperatures, identify cells producing lightning, and more.…

AirWX Aviation Weather (Blackberry)

August 29th, 2010 No comments

AirWX brings you Aviation Weather on your Blackberry! Designed for pilots by pilots. AirWX gives you METARs, TAFs, Weather Charts, and Radar Images. Find out the current and forecast weather at US airports as well as some international airports. Use your Blackberry”s GPS to find Airport nearest to your current location!

Features include:
-METARs (decoded and raw)
-TAFs (decoded and raw)
-PIREPs (Pilot Reports)
-Weather Charts
-Radar Images
-Locate Airports using GPS (must be supported by your device)

NOTE To Non-US Customers:Please be aware that data might be limited for your airports.…