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Refuelling – B737-800 fuel calculator

May 14th, 2011
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Refuelling B738

This aviation app, available in both iPhone and iPad formats, allows Boeing 737-800 pilots to accurately calculate or cross check the required fuel uplift for a particular sector.

As with most good aviation apps the KISS (keep it simple stupid) approach is welcome during a challenging turnaround.  Only three entries required – enter the ramp fuel required, enter the current fuel on board and finally the specific gravity and hit calculate.

The result is a calculation of expected uplift in litres and kilograms plus a guide of expected contents of each fuel tank.  I emphasise that this is a guide only, as anybody who has operated this type of aircraft will be aware of the differences that can occur with the auto shut off system.  The app is calibrated on the assumption that each wing tank contains 3850kg max.  Although it is planned there will be the option to allow user configuration of tank capacity in future versions, it is still a useful quick crosscheck.

Overall a cheap simple app for 737-800 series pilots. 3/5

Refuelling - Chris Godesar

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